In preparation for the 2019 Presidential polls, PDP conducted a survey among the Nigerian female population. The result of this survey was recently released at a press conference. The purpose of the survey was to help guide the PDP in the choice of Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates in the forthcoming election.

By an overwhelming majority, the Party chairman _ Ali Momodu Shefiff came 1st in the  “Most desirable” Category. Ladies were said to be swooning in large numbers when Ali Momodu walked by. Many had to be air-lifted to various hospitals when he sang them a special number.

The second position in the “Most Desirable” Category was occupied by Gov. Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State whose charm and sexiness was said to be “uncontainable”. With this combination of Machismo and Sexiness, the PDP seems to be assured of the votes of a large chunk of the Nigerian Populace