Ifeanyi Ubah the owner of Ifeanyi Ubah FC denied the reports of Assault making the rounds in the News Media. He was said to have visited the Face of the Goalkeeper of Hearland FC with some dangerous slaps. However, Ifeanyi Ubah replied – “This is a lie of the Devil, I did not slap him, I only “Sounded” him . Sounding and Slapping are different things. As a Good Christian, I will not be seen slapping people”.

Mr Ubah made it clear to our reporters that “Sounding” is a process of verifying the Tensile strength of the Human cheek in one motion. The aim of effective “Sounding” is to restore the individual to his normal setting. Slapping is the process of repetititve Sounding.

According to Mr. Ubah, Unbelievers are the ones that slap people while Good Christians exercise patience and restrict themselves to “Sounding”