Ekiti State Governor – Ayodele Fayose declared in front of shocked workers and journalists that he is also going on strike. According to him, “Nobody can intimidate me, Nobody has a monopoly of strike. If they strike, I strike, if they resume , I resume“.

Bodija.TV correspondents spoke with Gov. Fayose and asked him what the impact of his strike would be on the workers. Fayose laughed- “They know the impact of my strike – HUNGER, They are playing with hunger,  I will withdraw my Instruments of Governance from their lives”.

On asking Gov. Fayose what these Instruments of Governance were, he screamed – ” I am a very straightforward man, I don’t have time for hanky panky. My instruments are Rice, Tomato, Chicken, Ewa, Iyan and Moin-moin, The moment I withdraw these instruments, they will come back to their senses.”

Fayose with Instruments of Governance

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